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UIG POINTER has the ability to distinguish between non-precious and precious metals underground

UIG POINTER can detect all types of metals and
identify whether they are precious or non-precious.

Here is an instructional video about the UIG POINTER functions


The device is designed to detect all types of metals and distinguish between precious and non-precious metals

GER DETECT – Made in Germany

One year warranty

GER DETECT, in cooperation with UIG DETECTORS, has designed the UIG POINTER, to be the first of its kind in the world to detect metals, while distinguishing them at the same time whether they are precious or not
The best device for detecting gold and precious metals: multi-use and high efficiency in all conditions and regions.
UIG POINTER is featured by its high capacity to distinguish between precious and non-precious metals by making two different sounds:
Precious metals sound.
Non precious metals sound.

UIG POINTER features

Power button: UIG POINTER starts on after long pressing on the ON button.

Vibrating alert button: Press this button to activate the vibration alert (when a metal is detected.

Light button: This button activates the lighting feature to help prospectors search in dark places.

Calibration button: You must press this button in case of any interference that may affect the device’s function.

The UIG POINTER is lightweight and easy to use. This device is designed to fit all countries and regions. UIG POINTER is one of the best German industries with European CE certification according to international specifications.
The UIG POINTER has its patent (a certificate of origin) and a warranty for one year from the date of purchase, highly rated German industry.

Parts and Components for UIG POINTER Device

The main unit

The pointer’s stand

The UIG POINTER holder

A 9 V battery

Brochure for UIG POINTER Device

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cϵ Marking Certificate
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